10 tips to save energy around your your home

Energy bills are spiralling out of control . Don't you dread opening those utility bills, especially after a cold, long Winter!

The following tips will help you to reduce your energy consumption around your home – saving money for you and helping to protect our environment.

1. Boil the right amount for every cup of tea, rather than filling the kettle.

2. Use your washing machine at cooler settings - a 40C wash uses a third less electricity than a 60C load – and always put in a full load.

3. Have a shower instead of a bath – it uses far less energy.

4. Insulate your hot water cylinder. An insulating jacket only costs a few pounds and could save you around £10 per year.

5. Turning down room thermostats by 1°C could save 10% on your fuel bill!

6. Close curtains at dusk to prevent heat escaping through windows - especially if your home is not double-glazed.

7. Don't let your curtains drape in front of radiators.

8. Only use electrical appliances when you really need them. Don't leave TV's or videos on standby - the appliances are still using electricity.

9. Seal up any drafts in doors and windows using draft excluders.

10.Use low energy light bulbs. They last longer and save you money.

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