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Your home is probably the biggest financial investment that you will will ever make and protecting it from the elements is crucial if you want to feel safe and secure and see it grow in value - hence the need to always invest in high quality doors and windows. But hang on one minute...look up at your wooden boards underneath the eaves.  Are they becoming rotteAnthracite Grey Fascian with the paint peeling away? For those of you who are unfamiliar with fascias and soffits, roofline's primary role is to ensure the roof remains weather tight and to prevent birds and other animals from getting inside to nest. In addition, roofline prevents water from the roof running over wall surfaces causing damage

So roofline is about replacing rotten fascia boards and leaking gutters with maintenance free PVCu.  Beware the rogue installers who only "clad over" the existing rotten wood with a cosmetic cladding - as any wood left in place will rot faster, making remedial work necessary in the future. Furthermore, a full replacement installation also adds beauty and value to the house, as well as protecting it

So it really makes sense to upgrade your roofline elements simultaneously in order to match the aesthetics of your new Windows and doors.  You can rest assured that you won't be left facing a bill for a weakened roof and substantial repairs further down the line.
So why not ask Elmhurst for a quotation for your roofline - on its own or as a package deal with replacement windows and doors? One thing is for sure... Your roofline installation will be professionally installed by our dedicated team of roofline fitters and the labour and materials are fully guaranteed for 10 years.


2017-01-11_1010Conservatories make a stunning addition to any home, but when winter descends, many homeowners are forced to abandon their dream room as it becomes impossible to keep warm.   

We all want more living space and a room that will provide that all year round  - but conservatories are often discounted on the basis of extreme temperatures in both summer and winter So let's talk about a solution that can transform a tired , old version, conservatory into a habitable room which you can enjoy 365 days per year Solid  (warm roof or livin roof) roof options, will not only offer comfortable, all year living space, they are ideal for both replacement and first time installations. 

When specified as a replacement, a solid warm roof system is designed to replace the existing glass roof or polycarbonate roof, whilst retaining the original Windows, doors, frames and walls. With minimum disruption, this design helps better regulate temperatures  reduces wasted living space and glare, and can even save money on energy bills. Solid roof installations can be installed within a few days. 

This  includes a fully plastered ceiling, external fittings for gutters, fascias etc and options to include spotlights, velux style roof lights and larger rectangular glass panels depending on the type of roof that is purchased. With many poorly designed early generation conservatories still in existence, replacing the complete structure may be inevitable as Building Regs must be granted and approved for these structures. With market predictions forecasting a 15% growth by 2018 in the replacement sector, this is great news. After all, the last thing we want for our customers is to leave you out in the cold ! Why not head over to Youtube to take a look for yourself?


IMG_0786Since we have been installing the most energy efficient low e double glazed units, customers have been ringing us with a concern, that in the morning , the replacement windows are showing signs of condensation - on the outside pane!
Customers are most upset, thinking they have bought inefficient PVCu Windows that are not fit for purpose. On the contrary, this external condensation is actually a symptom of the Windows actually doing their job of keeping the heat in.  This is a really positive sign and confirms the double glazing is working efficiently - so nothing  to worry about !

As temperatures drop, especially during the night in Spring & Autumn, this natural phenomenon is caused by the outer pane being much colder than in the older PVCu systems and with more heat remaining inside, the result is external condensation, which, if it does occur, will only last a couple of hours in IMG_0770the morning, before disappearing.

So if you are considering replacement windows , which these days are around 60% more energy efficient than your old plastic Windows, please be aware of this phenomenon and if you do get any condensation on your outside panes, it's all good news knowing the Windows are working to maximum efficiency!