Monthly Archives: February 2019

Setting the trends in home improvements!

The recent spell of unseasonably warm weather is a sure sign spring is around the corner – and with that comes the season of home improvements.

Traditionally, spring has also been the time for moving house but, with stamp duty rises, uncertainty surrounding Brexit and heightened concerns about future base rates, one can easily conclude that it is reasonably likely that homeowners will put off moving house in the short and medium term

With the economy still growing, inflation flattening and employment figures remaining static, there is further evidence that homeowners still remain in a favourable position in relation to being well placed to invest in their home. At a recent home improvement forum the consensus was that consumer demand for new windows and doors remained high. The key driver was energy efficiency. When a large national retailer also reports that 68% of people who bought their windows do so for energy efficiency and security also creeping into the equation, the argument for replacing windows and doors is compelling.

Our phones at Elmhurst have been busy with spring in the air, as people get out into the garden and notice that their house is starting to look tired. It also starts them thinking how to improve their property – perhaps how to create extra space or make the most of what they already have. Conservatories can be the key to meeting both these aims, with recent product developments making it possible to achieve 365 days a year use from this most popular method of home extension. The long standing problem with conservatories has been the too hot, too cold syndrome, with traditional polycarbonate roofs letting in too much heat in summer and allowing too much warmth to escape in winter. With a thermally efficient solid roof fitted on new or existing conservatories, this eliminates this problem and transforms them into a properly usable room at any time of the year.

Another trend where Elmhurst have been leading the way is the return of what was once regarded as the most 1970s of materials: aluminium. In the 21st century, aluminium is most effectively deployed in patio doors, either in traditional bi-folding style across the full width of a wall, or a single wide sliding door offering unrivalled views from inside to out. Aluminium 2019-style looks nothing like its predecessor of 40 years ago. They are better looking, more thermally efficient and available in a wide range of colours. In particular, “grey is the new white” for aluminium, especially darker shades and anthracite.