Orangery Conservatory

The orangery conservatory was originally developed as a place to give protection to delicate plants, such as citrus trees, over the cold winter. Towards the end of the Renaissance, in the 17th century, the process of glass-making had developed to allow for larger windows and garden designers took advantage of this technology, creating south-facing brick structures with large windows.

Today, an orangery conservatory installed by our team at Elmhurst Windows is more likely to be used for extra living space than to protect plants, but it retains the features of the original structure.

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Features of an Orangery Conservatory

When we build an orangery conservatory, it is usually with solid brick corner columns, with a flat perimeter roof and a central roof lantern as the primary architectural feature. Though this can be altered based on your bespoke needs. In the interior, which is often plastered and has a perimeter around it to house any lighting, large windows aid in bringing in natural light from outside. An orangery conservatory tends to have less glazing than its alternatives. They are also usually made from the same materials as the house to ensure a cohesive and seamless look.

Photo of an orangery
Photo of an orangery

Benefits of an Orangery Conservatory

An orangery conservatory is generally more versatile than any other form of a conservatory. For starters, we can build them so that they blend into an existing property with ease, making it an attractive solution for homeowners looking to add space and light to their home without disrupting its aesthetic. An orangery conservatory can also offer a seamless transition between the indoor space and outdoor space of your home.

Orangery conservatories are also ideal for year-round use as they are constructed with bricks, which absorb and hold in heat well. When combined with energy-efficient double glazing, an orangery will be cool in summer and cosy in winter.

How Much Will an Orangery Conservatory Cost?

An orangery conservatory tends to be a little more expensive than other types of conservatory because they have more brickwork in them. However, they are also more versatile and can add significant value to your home. Talk to our team at Elmhurst Windows for more information about the price of a conservatory.

Photo of an orangery

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