New from ELmhurst ! Residence 9

Authentic Window Designs for Homeowners in Conservation Areas

The real alternative to timber windows

The latest in innovative PVCU window design

In old or new properties, Residence 9 provides the perfect solution. With it's 100mm, 9 chamber profile and remarkable resemblance to timber or painted timber, coupled to exceptional thermal efficiency and security, the overall feel good and look good factor is ensured.

If you are replacing windows in an historic house or character property, you may feel inclined to choose wood. Here are some considerations…

Wooden windows require regular maintenance over the years to keep them looking their best. This upkeep is both time consuming and costly.

Wooden windows are expensive and will often cost more than Residence 9!

The Residence 9 finishing layer only needs occasional cleaning with soapy water. No painting or special maintenance required.

Wood distorts when wet and cracks when extremely dry on hot days. Sashes can be tight to open in the winter because they swell but drafty in the summer as the timber dries out. This can put pressure on handles and locks as they are forced to operate.

The thermal performance or insulation gained from Residence 9 will usually outperform a timber window with like for like glass.

Put Residence 9 alongside a timber window and ask yourself which is more beautiful? Could you distinguish the material from the kerbside of your home? Which will be more beautiful in 5 years time?

Preserve kerbside appearance

Residence 9 from Elmhurst is a window system designed to authentically replicate the kerbside appearance of traditional timber window frames

This is achieved by mirroring the sizes as historically documented and is listed in many article 4 planning guidelines .

Residence 9 is available in authentic colours and finishes and the traditional opening mechanisms and hardware include butt hinges, monkey tails handles and peg stays.

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