No More Green House Problems with High Performance Conservatory Glass Roofs

As a company we have been recommending and installing Celcius high performance glass in conservatory roofs for many years. Probably over 85 percent of our conservatories are now glazed with this high tech roof product as opposed to polycarbonate and normal glass. Why?

Very simply, on a south facing situation or indeed anytime the conservatory warms up, you can sit in it comfortably without "frying" as up to 80 percent of the heat is extracted from the roof itself.

Our first ever Celcius customer was a real challenge to us ! A scientist living in a beautiful house in Roundhay in Leeds had a beautiful south facing garden and was adamant he wanted a conservatory that he could sit in in the peak of the summer months, look up at the sky and the trees and keep cool at the same time! Being a scientist, he was obsessed with the detail! We provided him with technical literature and reams of data from the manufacturers to help him decide on this roof. It was certainly a risk to us too as we had no proof from existing clients the roof really worked ! Anyway, the conservatory was erected. It was a really hot summer and our customer asked us to pop up one afternoon. We were hoping for good news ! Sure enough, the Professor firstly showed us his thermometer which was fixed to the conservatory wall. He was really chuffed with the overall performance of the structure and so were we ! The temperature was probably in the mid 70's but really comfortable to sit in. The subtle blue tint on the glass roof just took the glare away and you really felt that you were outside.



This product has revolutionised the conservatory industry. Prior to this product becoming available the consumer was faced with a choice of normal glass in the roof ,that gave a greenhouse effect and a totally uncomfortable and clammy feeling if you sat in it for a lengthy period or polycarbonate, a product that obscures the views, gets grubby and makes a horrendous noise when it rains !


With Celcuis glass on the roof, it will keep keep you cool in summer, warmer in winter and this glass even cleans itself ! For more information and a free quotation, ring Elmhurst on 0113 2644505 . As well as brand new conservatories, we provide an upgrade service so we can replace your existing old fashioned roof with this product and even the window frames and double glazing on the sides of the sides of the conservatory can be replaced with the latest energy efficient PVC and sealed units.


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