Elmhurst has now launched a new sliding Patio Door for the domestic market. Fabricated by Liniar, this most up to date product of its type on the market, includes the revolutionary MODLOK modular locking mechanism pioneered with Yale, the country’s best known lock maker

With four hook bolts and two shoot bolts, this is a far more secure Patio door than has been manufactured before. Called Patio Plus, this also features the latest “anti snap” locking cylinder to prevent even the most determined would be intruders.

Combined with greater security, the new Patio Plus offers greater appearance and an incredibly smooth and quiet operating action. No other patio door provides the same number of features. Its appearance offers slim sculptured sightlines allowing natural light to flood into the room. The revolutionary system gives it a super smooth and silent operating action. The multi-wheeled running system keeps the patio door perfectly balanced while it moves along its track as if it is floating on air.

Available in a wide range of colour options including standard White, Cream, Rosewood, Light Oak and Irish Oak. Patio Doors are also available in a range of bespoke colours including Grey, Black & Chartwell Green.

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