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Elmhurst customers remember those little extras!

unnamed (1)It's great to go back to see and sell to our existing clients. We have nearly 20,000 of them ! They are only too happy to buy from us again. Why? Well, we are still trading after all these years, we have honoured our long term guarantee to all our clients, we never stop introducing new and more energy efficient products to our customers and most interestingly, even after 30 years, our customers still remember the nice little touches....when we delivered fresh flowers and chocolates to them , following the completion of their installation - it was our way of saying thank you

unnamed (2) So why did we stop with the gifts? Who knows? Whilst having dinner with a very good friend of mine this week, we both had one of those light bulb moments. My friend, Howard Moss, is the MD of Astonish Products. Like Elmhurst, Astonish is a well established household brand, born and bred in Leeds, producing quality products at competitive prices. Like myself, Howard has taken over from his father and expanded the business, in his case , unnamedworldwide! I asked Howard if he manufactured PVC cleaning products and glass cleaner? Yes we do...he answered and a special mould and mildew cleaner. You know where this was leading ..... Without wasting anytime at all, the next day, pallets of all these products were delivered to Elmhurst HQ so we could start giving away, as part of our after sales pack, the three products to our customers, as a way to say thank you.

OK the flowers may have died and the chocolates eaten, but with these very useful, Astonish cleaning products, customers can keep the PVC frames gleaming white, the glass smudge free and the mould a thing of the past. Maybe customers will remember these products in another 30 years! Richard Abrahams MD Elmhurst Windows Ltd