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It was staring us in the face….  It was so obvious…..


A superb, made to measure, quality product, that complements our windows so perfectly – internal window and door shutters!

Elmhurst have now demonstrated Slaapkamer_2_schuinthat its new shutters are more than just a window covering. They are a lifestyle feature, designed to function around your needs. The bi-fold track system provides complete privacy when shut, split privacy to let light in or can be opened completely

We have the perfect solution for any room. No matter the size and shape of your windows, Elmhurst made to measure shutters come in a wide range of styles to suit every room

The benefits of fitting shutters include ultimate light control, supreme privacy, insulating and economic benefits, sound insulation and low maintenance.

Ask us to give you a quote while we are measuring up for your windows. Ring Elmhurst on 0113 2644505 and take advantage of our introductory discounts today!

conservatory shutters

Which? firms to trust in the double glazing industry

A recent WHICH? survey has confirmed that homeowners prefer to work with independent, local companies, rather than major, national firms
The article, published in November's Which? magazine opens: "The U.K.'s major double-glazing firms have been thoroughly trounced by independent brands in our latest survey....Customers rated the independents in our survey as excellent, giving them five stars for the majority of sales and installation factors, such as quality of products, staff knowledge and the quality of the installation. By contract, none of the major brands achieved five stars on any measure."
The major players in the double glazing industry have no showrooms either. There is no way, sales professionals, can carry into customers homes, the full range of window and door suites, to demonstrate to clients. Potential customers want to come and see for themselves the full range of products available, they want to touch them, feel them, open and close the doors, work the mechanisms, stand on the low thresholds - not imagine these or read from a brochure. And what credibility does a company have if it has no showroom - just an annoying freephone number to a large call centre ! When someone pops into the Elmhurst showroom at Whitkirk, off the Colton roundabout, they are greeted professionally by a team of friendly folk that want to genuinely help them. Small is definitely beautiful when it comes to double glazing!


2017-01-11_1010Conservatories make a stunning addition to any home, but when winter descends, many homeowners are forced to abandon their dream room as it becomes impossible to keep warm.   

We all want more living space and a room that will provide that all year round  - but conservatories are often discounted on the basis of extreme temperatures in both summer and winter So let's talk about a solution that can transform a tired , old version, conservatory into a habitable room which you can enjoy 365 days per year Solid  (warm roof or livin roof) roof options, will not only offer comfortable, all year living space, they are ideal for both replacement and first time installations. 

When specified as a replacement, a solid warm roof system is designed to replace the existing glass roof or polycarbonate roof, whilst retaining the original Windows, doors, frames and walls. With minimum disruption, this design helps better regulate temperatures  reduces wasted living space and glare, and can even save money on energy bills. Solid roof installations can be installed within a few days. 

This  includes a fully plastered ceiling, external fittings for gutters, fascias etc and options to include spotlights, velux style roof lights and larger rectangular glass panels depending on the type of roof that is purchased. With many poorly designed early generation conservatories still in existence, replacing the complete structure may be inevitable as Building Regs must be granted and approved for these structures. With market predictions forecasting a 15% growth by 2018 in the replacement sector, this is great news. After all, the last thing we want for our customers is to leave you out in the cold ! Why not head over to Youtube to take a look for yourself?