Photo of an energy saving window
Photo of an energy saving window
Photo of an energy saving window
Photo of an energy saving window

Save Energy & Save Money with Elmhurst Energy Saving Replacement Windows

  • According to the Energy Saving Trust, 26% of all domestic heat loss escapes through the windows.
  • Installing energy efficient windows is essential to keep the cost of your energy bills down.
  • The benefits of double & triple glazing include improved thermal performance, economic benefits, increased comfort, enhanced security and improved sound insulation.
  • Our energy efficient windows allows you to gain free energy from our greatest natural resource; the sun
  • The tight weather-seals of the windows prevent cold wind and rain from entering your property
  • The glass of the windows has a transparent coating that reflects heat back inside, retaining warmth and reducing the amount of energy needed to heat your home. Put simply, saving energy can save you money!
  • Our windows are capable of achieving an A+ energy rating. Compared with a C rated window you would save enough energy per year to run a full size A++ energy rated fridge freezer constantly and do a 2kg load of washing every other day for a year!

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