Georgian Conservatory

In the Georgian period, which spanned both the 18th and early 19th centuries, houses were popularly built in a Palladian style. Palladian style focused on symmetry and proportion as arches and pillars were often featured, as were tall windows with small panes of glass.

Nearly 200 years later, Georgian style is still popular for conservatories. If you are interested in introducing a Georgian conservatory on your property, Elmhurst Windows are the team to trust.

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Georgian Conservatory Features

Among the most distinguishing characteristics of a Georgian-style conservatory are its symmetrical designs and flat sides - often rectangular or square-shaped - which are combined with a steeply sloped Georgian conservatory roof. At Elmhurst Windows, we can install Georgian conservatories that are perfect for sunrooms or to create extra living space.

We can install conservatories based on your bespoke needs, for example, we can install a dwarf wall around the lower half of certain structures or can install floor to ceiling glazed glass panels running the length of the structure, depending on how much light you want to enter. If you are unsure which Georgian features you want, our team would be happy to discuss potential options with you.

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Georgian Conservatory Benefits

The Georgian conservatory is one of the most economical choices of conservatory from Elmhurst Windows because of its straightforward design. Not only that, but the uncomplicated rectangular shape makes it simple to accommodate a large amount of furniture, giving you the flexibility to use the conservatory for a variety of functions.

If you want to install a more conventional style of conservatory, but still want to maintain a simple look, a Georgian design is a great compromise between the more modern and the more ornate Victorian forms.

How Much Will a Georgian Conservatory Cost?

Pricing will differ depending on a variety of circumstances. There are various factors that will influence the cost, including the size of the room and the materials you choose. Another important consideration is the type of glass you want to use - just ask us about the different options available. Contact us directly for a quote!

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