UPVC Replacement Double Glazing Windows

We all want our homes to be safe and comfortable and choosing the correct windows is the right place to start. Not only will they make your home cosier, keeping the bad weather out and warmth in, they can also make your home more secure. With Elmhurst you can improve the aesthetics of your property while adding value at the same time.

High Quality Product

When you choose Elmhurst for your window replacement, not only are you assured of a high quality product, you will be taking advantage of the most technically advanced range available in the uk.

Energy Saving Windows

PVC windows may look similar – but it's the bits you don't see, tucked away inside the frames that make a huge difference to how the windows perform, and how much energy they save – or waste – over their life cycle.

LINIAR Windows

Elmhurst install a window system called LINIAR – LINIAR frames are beautifully slim, available in a huge choice of styles, colour and finishes and contain a huge number of hidden features to make them the most energy efficient frames you can chose.

Things You Should Know When Looking For New Windows

There are three important factors to consider when calculating window energy ratings, common across all window styles:

  • Solar gain
  • Thermal loss
  • Air loss

Energy efficiency means maximising the warmth from the sun whilst making sure the heat within the home doesn’t escape.

Up to a quarter of all domestic heat loss goes out through windows. Well-fitting units with efficient double-glazing and weather-resistant seals can drastically reduce this loss, helping to keep you warm and your energy bills low.

Our windows are BRFC-approved as A-rated, ensuring excellent levels of heat retention and minimum heat loss. The double glazing is filled with Argon gas and all spacers are coated with a low conduction material to keep warmth inside. Our weather resistant seals stop draughts coming in, and heat from escaping.

Energy efficiency saves you money and helps to cut your carbon footprint: better for you and better for the environment.

Window replacement is a long-term investment, and we are confident in the knowledge that our windows will bring satisfaction for years to come.

For complete peace of mind, our guarantees cover:

  • 15 years for the main profile
  • 5 years for the double glazing
  • 1 year for the fixtures and fittings, such as handles, hinges and locks

Which means all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of your attractive and efficient new windows!

Our range of window profiles means you’ll be able to find exactly the right look to harmonise with the style of your home. Choose from sculptured, bevelled or flush sash suites, and a range of finishing touches.

  • Sculptured frames are designed with a curved profile perfect for period styles and larger windows.
  • Bevelled frames (sometimes referred to as chamfered) meet the glass with an angled, straight edge. They bring a contemporary feel to your windows and allow for more natural light.
  • Our flush sash suites bring the aesthetics of the traditional design with the practicality of modern thermal benefits.

The inside appearance of your windows is just as important to get right. For the final details, choose from a wide range of handles. Finishes include white, chrome, brushed steel, gold and black.

Remember when you could get any colour of PVCu as long as it was white? Classic white is still a popular option, but you can now also choose from a wide range of colours and finishes to fully complement the style of your property and satisfy your individual preferences.

Our colour palette, using the RAL standard colour chart, offers Rosewood, Chartwell Green, Light Oak and Irish Oak, as well as black and cream. These are available for both PVCu and aluminium windows.

PVC foils add another dimension, duplicating the colour and grain texture of particular types of wood. The foil - working as a laminate finish - is applied with a heat-bonding process which fuses it to the surface of the PVCu frame. This brings an authentic finish which is also incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

We are happy to work with any available off-the-shelf PVC foil.

Your security is a top priority, and all of our windows share features designed to reassure.

  • Shootbolts and locks provide locking points at the top and bottom of your windows, bringing an additional level of security. Our key-operated, locking handles also have a lockable night vent position for all-year-round practicality.
  • All of our frames are internally glazed. This means the glass unit is secured in position from inside the room, and cannot be removed from the outside without breaking.

Safety can sometimes mean the ability to leave in the case of, for example, a fire. Our side opening windows are crafted with easy-clean fire egress hinges, which open to 90° to allow exit in case of emergencies.

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