Victorian Conservatory

Glass architecture came into its own during the reign of Queen Victoria, with steel production allowing for ever bigger and more complex designs. The Crystal Palace - built for the Great Exhibition of 1851 - came to symbolise the whole era, and glass became an increasingly popular choice for garden rooms. They are now the most popular type of conservatory in the United Kingdom. In fact, when you think of a typical conservatory, you are usually thinking of a Victorian conservatory. If you would like a traditional Victorian conservatory installed on your property, look no further than Elmhurst Windows.

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Victorian Conservatory Features

Our classic Victorian conservatories have faceted sides, usually three or five sides, creating a curved bayfront. This, together with the large clear windows, brings a panoramic sense of the surrounding view. This style usually has a steeply pitched roof, with ornate ornamentation on the ridge as a finishing touch.

Photo of Victorian conservatory
Photo of Victorian conservatory

Victorian Conservatory Benefits

As a result of the additional sides on a Victorian conservatory, more light can be reflected in the available space, giving the structure a more illuminated appearance. They are also a great way to add a touch of grandeur and extravagance to a building.

How Much Will a Victorian Conservatory Cost?

As a point of comparison, Victorian conservatories are often less expensive than Edwardian and Georgian-style structures. The final cost, as always, will depend on the material you want it made from. Our team at Elmhurst Windows can talk you through the various options available.

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