Photo of a tilt & Turn window
Photo of a tilt & Turn window
Photo of a tilt & Turn window
Photo of a tilt & Turn window

Tilt and Turn Windows - Open Up The Inside To The Outside

If you love having your windows open to let in fresh air, why not consider Elmhurst Tilt and Turn windows. Perfect as a fire escape the "open in" style offers great options for cleaning from within as well as maximising ventilation.

PVCu tilt & turn windows are more expensive than PVCu casement windows because they take longer to manufacture, have more expensive operating systems & locking mechanisms and not least because the PVCu profile, being wider, is more expensive to produce.

By having two different ways of being opened, you have lots of flexibility when it comes to ventilation. You can get airflow around the sides and the top when you open it via the bottom hinge with no drafts! This is a huge advantage. This is because you can also open it completely and ventilate a room very quickly in this way. On top of being able to ventilate your home while you’re away without much risk, no water will enter your home if it rains!

People who exchange their sash windows for tilt and turn windows notice this advantage in particular. Sash windows are not always the easiest things to clean, especially if you don’t have a ladder. With tilt and turn windows you don’t need to endanger your life to make your exterior panes sparkling clean because you can open it all the way horizontally.

When the window is in position and the handle is downwards it is fixed securely in position, but the tilt and turn window has a handle which works in 2 different ways.

If you turn the handle 90° the window will swing inwards opening the aperture fully, if you turn the handle 180° it will only tilt open with the aperture mainly at the top.

Tilt and turn windows are particularly good for large window spaces as they too provide an unobstructed view and high levels of natural light into a room.

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Photo of a tilt and turn window

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