P-Shaped Conservatory

P-shaped conservatories combine two styles: the lean-to and the Victorian. The straight lines of the lean-to create the downward stroke of the P, whilst the faceted bay shape of the classic Victorian conservatory provides the curve. It is the ideal choice for a larger conservatory, allowing for a truly adaptable space as an extension to your home. There is room, for example, for a bespoke dining area in one part and a more relaxed seating space in the other. At Elmhurst Windows, we can install P-shaped conservatories based on your unique requirements.

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Features of an P-Shaped Conservatory

When building a P-shaped conservatory, a dwarf wall is typically used, which is a short wall that goes around the bottom of the structure. However, you can opt to have the entire structure in glass. It is common for the multi-faceted part of a p shaped conservatory to have either 3 or 5 facets, as it adds a touch of Victorian or Edwardian flair to the structure.

Rectangle-shaped conservatories are distinguished by their size, which makes them an addition that is best suited to bigger homes with enough available wall space to accommodate the structure. If you are unsure if you have enough space available for a P-shaped conservatory, our team will be happy to offer expert advice.

Photo of a P shaped conservatory
Photo of a P shaped conservatory

Benefits of an P-Shaped Conservatory

If you want to add more space to your home, a P-shaped extension can be a terrific method to accomplish this. It also features the design characteristics of a Victorian or Edwardian model, which means it looks fantastic when mixed with either older buildings or more contemporary construction.

You may also be able to utilize a p-shaped conservatory to connect two rooms together and have access to it from a number of different doors because of its length.

How Much Will an P-Shaped Conservatory Cost?

With various glazing options to choose from, as well as polycarbonate and other options available, the type of glass you choose will have an impact on the cost of your project.

As well as deciding whether you want the framework to be built of aluminium, uPVC or wood, you will need to take in the cost of these materials. For a specific quote, contact our team at Elmhurst Windows today!

Photo of a P shaped conservatory

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